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We enjoy engaging, debating and sharing our collective opinions on the key topics which shape the industries we work in to inform and inspire not only ourselves, but those around us. The various articles below will give you a flavour of how we think and what’s important to us.


Domainex Building, Unity Campus
Domainex thrives at Unity Campus: a hub of collaboration and opportunity


Domainex COO, David Cronk, discusses why they made the decision to continue their growth journey at Unity Campus.

Generational Transition: Navigating succession as a ‘family in business’


Nicholas Bewes takes a look back at his own experience of taking the helm at Howard Group and shares the key ingredients for navigating a collaborative and successful generational transition.

Investing in breakthrough technologies: Howard Group and IQ Capital's shared vision for impact


Exploring Howard Group and IQ Capital's shared long-term vision to make a positive impact on the world through responsible investing in companies that are helping to solve some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Jeanette Walker's reflections on her time at Unity Campus


Jeanette Walker's reflections on her time at Unity Campus from creating a sense of community to establishing a long-term vision for the Campus.

Embracing limb difference with open arms


With social impact at its heart, soft prosthetics company Koalaa (one of our capital ventures investments) is revolutionising access to prosthetics to a global community of people with limb difference.

Environmental sustainability: Bridging the ‘knowledge-doing’ gap


Nicholas Bewes, Howard Group CEO, on how Howard Group is evolving from ’knowing to doing’ when it comes to environmental leadership.

Cambridge – a tale of two cities


Nicholas Bewes, Howard Group CEO, examines youth homelessness in a city of prosperity. 

Making impact investing mainstream


Eka, one of our capital ventures, has a thematic focus on health equality and sustainability which is very much aligned with our own responsible investment strategy.

Q&A: Patrick Bushnell


Patrick Bushnell, Howard Group’s non-executive Chairman between 2013-2022 shares sage advice on the eve of his retirement.

Saving lives through responsible investing in people and ideas


James Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of mOm, one of our capital ventures, explains why shared values are so important when choosing an investment partner.

Long termism is the key to a flourishing future


We discuss the challenges the growing global population will face in the future and how we can not only overcome them but thrive by taking action today.

Howard Capital: Investments with a social and environmental impact


The Howard Capital side of our business plays a vital, and growing, role within the Howard Group business, alongside our property ventures. 

Positive impact beyond profit - planting the future


CEO, Nicholas Bewes shares how developing places with purpose leads to positive change for generations to come.

Cambridge property industry coming together to ensure no young person is left behind in the UK’s most unequal city


Chief Executive Nicholas Bewes explains why tackling youth homelessness is key to the future of Cambridge.

Facilitating IONTAS’ growth


John McCafferty (Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, IONTAS) and Colin Brown (Director Development, Howard Group) discuss the trusted, long-term partnership that has been established over many years.

Unity Campus: Phase 2


Colin Brown, Director Development, Howard Group, introduces our exciting plans for the next generation of lab-enabled buildings being developed at Unity Campus.

The rewarding nature of being able to make a bigger difference


Katherine Friend, Director – Investment & Asset Management, on transitioning from a global corporate to a family-owned business.

Living our purpose


Delivering against our purpose effectively across our portfolio.

What does it mean to be customer-centric?


Stephanie Faulkner, Property Services Manager, on the importance of cultivating and embedding a customer centric business approach.

Uniting our three strands of purpose: Social, environmental and economic responsibility


Nicholas Bewes on the importance and responsibility of creating a lasting legacy of social impact and value for generations to come.

The Future Science Workplace is here today


Colin Brown spoke to architect’s NBBJ about the future of the science workplace.

Changing Times


COVID-19 – has the relationship between commercial occupiers and landlords changed for good?

Resilience, flexibility and kindness


Nicholas Bewes shares reflections from the team as they discovered new ways to work together during the Covid pandemic.

Purposeful Stewardship


Nicholas Bewes explores the topic of what purposeful stewardship means: fostering success, significance and sustainability as a family-owned company.

Changing Spaces


We explore how occupiers are taking an efficient approach to procuring space with informality, amenity and collaboration top of the agenda.

Shaking up the industry


Howard Capital has invested in exciting new and intuitive proptech tool, edozo, as part of a focussed capital programme in this sector.

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