Our Partnerships

The bringing together of others to work collaboratively is central to the way we work. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do as effectively without the solid network of talented individuals and organisations we call upon to help us deliver across both the property and capital sides of our business. We are committed to investing the time to develop meaningful relationships with people and companies that share our values and vision, so that collectively we can deliver lasting change in the environments in which we work and live.


We are aligned with our partners and share the same values and aspirations.


We invest time in creating trusted partnerships, making decisions that are right and fair for the project and our partners.


We nurture our partnerships, providing support and encouragement to get the best out of ourselves and others.

Our Approach to Partnerships

We see ourselves as the creators of partnerships; constantly working to enhance the effectiveness of partnerships that already exist and always on the look-out for likeminded partners to connect with to enhance what we do and what we can deliver.  As a business, we focus on our core competencies, looking to others in our partner network to provide the knowledge and experience where required to deliver successful outcomes to all stakeholders and the wider community.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple. Every day we strive 'to improve and enrich lives through responsible investing in people, places and ideas'. This means that everything we do, whether it be developing a forgotten place or backing a new and exciting life science entrepreneur, has positive societal impact at its core.

Our Values

As a family-owned business our values as a family - honesty, integrity, loyalty, stewardship, sacrificial service, dignity and respect have been the foundation from which we have built an enduring business, which creates, nurtures and values lasting relationships. These core values inform our six guiding principles and these principles set out how Howard Group and our people do business.

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Our Perspectives

Changing Spaces

We explore how occupiers are taking an efficient approach to procuring space with informality, amenity and collaboration top of the agenda.

Purposeful Stewardship

Nicholas Bewes explores the topic of what purposeful stewardship means: fostering success, significance and sustainability as a family-owned company.

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