Capital Ventures

Since 2001, our experienced Capital Ventures team has invested over £6m in exciting, unquoted companies. We have a strong entrepreneurial ethic and invest Howard Family equity in early-stage businesses with dynamic management teams, who show promising potential growth and share our commitment to making lasting social impact. We invest alongside private equity funds, angel networks and private individuals where we feel there is synergy in approach and values. We are always on the look-out for the right opportunities to extend our investments in purposeful businesses.


How We Invest

We take a value-based approach, which aligns with the businesses we invest in:

  • We provide patient capital. We do not operate a fund-based structure, which could force an exit at a time that is not in the best interests of the businesses we invest in. Many of our investments have been held successfully for more than 10 years.
  • We have no restrictions on following our initial investments with subsequent rounds of capital. Investments can be structured in a flexible way across debt and equity.
  • We have an established network of co-investors and providers of later stage capital, whom we know and trust and who provide a wealth of additional experience.
  • We can make decisions quickly, which is vital to the businesses we support. This is due to our flat decision making structure, with open lines of communication between all the key people.
  • We share our knowledge and experience to help the businesses we invest in grow; including helping on real estate issues and developing solutions within our property portfolio which address the fast moving infrastructure needs of early stage businesses.

Investments with a social and environmental impact

The Howard Capital side of our business plays a vital, and growing, role within the Howard Group business, alongside our property ventures. As a long-term, patient and responsible investment partner, we provide growth capital funding, strategic and management support to companies seeking purposeful solutions to key social, technological, environmental or humanitarian challenges. 

Saving lives through responsible investing in people and ideas

James Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of mOm, one of our capital ventures, explains why shared values are so important when choosing an investment partner.

Making impact investing mainstream

Eka, one of our capital ventures, has a thematic focus on health equality and sustainability which is very much aligned with our own responsible investment strategy.

Embracing limb difference with open arms

With social impact at its heart, soft prosthetics company Koalaa (one of our capital ventures investments) is revolutionising access to prosthetics to a global community of people with limb difference.

Where We Invest

Knowledge Intensive

Early-stage to mid-size knowledge intensive businesses that rely on smart people developing technology based solutions to key technological, environmental, social or humanitarian challenges.


Technology businesses that have a unique and compelling solution which makes a difference to peoples lives. We are also keen to explore opportunities in prop-tech given our core competency within this industry sector.

Medical Technology

Medical technology businesses that are focused on innovative developments with far reaching humanitarian benefits. We are particularly keen to invest in companies that are driving solutions that have wider social accessibility at their core.

Financial Responsibility

“The purpose of business is not to produce profit; the purpose of business is to produce profitable solutions to problems of people and planet and in the process it produces profit." 
Colin Mayer, the Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

This sentiment captures how we view the role of financial responsibility - strong financial management and discipline, as a key tenet and obligation sitting alongside social and environmental considerations in building a business that truly has purpose.

Social Value

To us, social value means making sure that everything we do - both within our property and capital ventures divisions - is not looked at just through the lens of what benefit it has to our company, but also considers the communities and wider economy in which the solution sits; whilst also minimising the impact it has on the environment.  Social value creation, both for us and the companies we invest in, is a fundamental part of how we measure success in the long term.

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